What do you need to design your restaurant menu?

You need a menu for your restaurant and you want to hire someone to design it as soon as possible. To do so you must have an updated document with your items, including disclaimers and pictures – if you are planning to use them.  Also define a budget including the printing costs in addition to the design costs.

Here we give you more details to make sure that everything flows smoothly in your restaurant menu design process:

1 Update your menu.

Have a list of all of your items and descriptions up to date.  You may want to review first which items need to be pulled off or added to your menu. Designate a person in the restaurant to be responsible for this information.  No one knows your business better than you and your employees.  Highlight top selling items.

2 Define your Budget 

There are beautiful and innovative formats for your menu on the market but each comes with a price. Establish your budget for the printing and the menu design so your designer can create a solution for you that,  once it is ready for print, fits in your budget.

If you have a tight budget there are standard sizes available that can reduce your costs. Also, consider the material or print paper.  Some materials wear out faster than others, others are more durable and easy to clean with soap and water.  We do recommend water-resistant plastic paper stock if you want your investment to last longer and make an impeccable presentation for your restaurant.

3 Research  Search

out other menus and find out what you like about them. Is it the size, format?

Consider your diners and what is most convenient for them. Some old fashioned menus with many pages are too big for small spaces. Make sure your menu can be handled by your customers comfortably.

Consider your employees and your restaurant space. Check your menu storage space.   Some menus are so big and heavy that their weight can be an issue for your waitresses.

4 Pictures or no pictures

Pictures are useful to transcend language barriers.  If you are planning to use pictures in your menu ,first you need a good photographer and stylist to get your menu items looking their best, which can be pricy.  Second, food photos that are not done professionally look unappetizing. Third, when using pictures your cooks must be well trained and the item sufficiently standardized to serve consistent plates that look like the image on your menu. Moreover, all the pictures on your menu must be pictures you own. Finally, a picture in your menu won’t bring more people to eat in your restaurant but it will draw attention to items you want to highlight and consequently, generate more sales.

Keep in mind that a well-written description of your plate doesn’t need a picture. Pictures are needed to show unusual items on your menu.

5 Simplify 

A visit to your restaurant must be a great experience. A simple, succinct, easy-to-read menu helps dinners to enjoy the experience.  Eliminate duplicated information. If you really need a bilingual menu, make two menus, one in each language you need.

6 LegalIty

It’s important to include your disclaimer to cover any liabilities for the product or service that you provide. You should warn consumers of any dangers or hazards posed by your product. Provide your designer this disclaimer:  you know  your products better than anyone else.

7 Table Tent

Physical in-restaurant menus are expensive to amend.  Consider using a table tent or board for specials and LTOs (limited-time offers).

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